Rotary Drum Washers

Ideal for batch fed and in-line parts washing, our rotary drum washers efficiently process high volumes of parts at a low cost. Rotary drum systems combine two techniques: powerful spray cleaning for scrubbing exterior surfaces and total immersion under solution for flushing out the inside of hollow and tubular parts.

Tanks can be added for washing, rinsing, rust proofing, phosphating, sealing, passivating, lubricating, coating and ultrasonic cleaning. We customize rotary drum aqueous parts washers to your exact specifications.

Mini Rotary Drum Washer

Our stainless steel mini rotary drum washers are available in two drum sizes, processing 5 to 20 cubic feet of parts per hour. Standard mini rotary drums are available with one or more tanks for various processes.

Mid-Size Rotary Drum Washer

Standard mid-size drums are available in two diameter sizes. The 19″ drum processes 32 cubic feet of parts per hour, and the 23″ processes 96 cubic feet of parts per hour. As parts tumble gently in the aqueous solution, all edges and blind holes are exposed to immersion and high-pressure spray.

Large Rotary Drum Washer

Jenfab’s large rotary drum parts washers are the most productive and energy-efficient rotary drum machines available today. Our large rotary drum washers thoroughly clean and dry high volumes of parts without damage.

These systems can process 240 to 480 cubic feet of parts per hour.

Dual Drum Rotary Parts Washer

Get two machines in one. Dual drum parts washers cost less to operate and maintain than two separate systems. These stainless steel parts washers share tanks, heating systems, pumps and dryers.

Separate drives allow the drums to operate at different speeds, and each drum can be customized for a unique purpose. Running two types of parts at once reduces overall process time.

Optional Equipment

Rotary Cob Meal Drum Drying System

Dry parts in bulk. With a rotary cob dryer, parts automatically advance as the drum rotates, allowing large quantities to be effectively dried. Its closed-loop design ensures the drying media is reused as dry parts exit the unload end of the drum.

The heated corn cob drying media rapidly absorbs moisture from components and slightly burnished parts, which improves luster. The moisture is removed from the media so that it can be reused.

Optional Equipment

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Rotary Drum Washers

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