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Illustration of thermometer with high temperature reading.

Turn up the Heat: How Higher Temperatures Affect Cleaning

Heat is a powerful tool in parts cleaning. Time, temperature, mechanical agitation and chemistry are the four main factors of cleaning. Each factor determines if the parts cleaning process is effective.  Strike the right balance, and you have a process that achieves the clean you need. Higher temperatures generally speed up the cleaning process, regardless…

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Closeup of a blue water splash against a white background..

Sinner’s Circle & the 4 Factors of Cleaning

There are many things you should consider before ordering a custom parts washer, including its price, speed and ease of use. The most important thing to evaluate is your cleanliness standard. What do you need to clean, and how clean does it need to be? Complex shapes, blind holes, cross holes and fragile materials make…

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Example of spray bar manifold inside an aqueous parts washer.

Inside An Aqueous Parts Washer: Pumps, Tanks & More

The fabrication of parts often produces dust, shavings and burrs. Some processes also require the use of oils or lubricants. While they are inevitable byproducts of the process, dust and residue pose problems later in production if they are left behind.  Any residue remaining on the parts affects the latter stages of manufacturing and the…

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A confident woman working in a manufacturing facility looks at the camera.

Is It Time to Invest in a Conveyor Belt Washer?

Streamlining your manufacturing process is crucial for your bottom line. When all stages of production work in tandem, everything goes off without a hitch. You save time and labor costs while increasing your capacity. Is parts washing causing a hiccup in your production flow? You need a parts washing system that can keep up, especially…

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Mechanic uses a ratchet wrench under the hood of a car.

What Should Automotive Shops Look for in a Parts Washer?

Automotive manufacturers and remanufacturers know that washing parts by hand takes time, and it may not achieve the level of clean needed. Trade your manual cleaning process for an automatic parts washer.  Parts washers save your shop time and resources by cleaning engine heads, transmissions and smaller components. These machines clean car and engine parts…

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Waves of water of the river and the sea meet each other during high tide and low tide.

Aqueous Parts Washers & Their Environmental Impact

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions is proud to deliver “Custom Cleaning Solutions with Everyday Impact.” We recently celebrated International Water Day on March 22 and will celebrate Earth Day on April 22. International Water Day’s theme, “Valuing Water,” reminds us that water is a precious resource. Many do not have enough water to meet basic life needs.…

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Spray jets clean parts inside a dip tank.

Aqueous Parts Cleaning: Why Focus on Flow Over Pressure

Many companies that offer industrial parts washers suggest pressure is the most important factor in parts cleaning. The force of spray or turbulence is only one piece of what should be considered during the cleaning process. Aqueous parts washers use time, temperature, agitation and flow. All of these factors work together to clean parts effectively. …

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Closeup of an oil skimmer on Jenfab's Orca.

Can Oil Coalescing Lengthen the Life of Your Solution?

Aqueous parts washers offer a safer, better clean. That’s one reason manufacturers choose aqueous cleaning systems over washing parts with petroleum solvents. As parts are cleaned in an aqueous solution, they leave grease and oil behind. Too much oil and residue build-up in your solution will render it ineffective.  You’ve got to clean oily parts…

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Metal stampings inside a rotary drum washer.

What Is A Rotary Drum Washer?

Industrial parts washers come in many designs. Depending on your application, you may need a large machine with a conveyor or a smaller, front-loading option that takes up less floor space. Rotary drum washers work well for cleaning high-volume parts, like stampings, fasteners and ammunition casings. What makes a rotary drum different from other parts…

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Jenfab’s Custom Cleaning Solutions & Everyday Impact

Jenfab has one goal: deliver custom cleaning solutions on spec and on time. Since 1960, we’ve been developing aqueous parts washers to meet the needs of manufacturers across numerous industries. Our custom and industrial parts washers don’t only make an impact on our customers; they also make an impact on the world.  Aqueous parts washing…

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