Waves of water of the river and the sea meet each other during high tide and low tide.

Aqueous Parts Washers & Their Environmental Impact

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions is proud to deliver “Custom Cleaning Solutions with Everyday Impact.” We recently celebrated International Water Day on March 22 and will celebrate Earth Day on April 22. International Water Day’s theme, “Valuing Water,” reminds us that water is a precious resource. Many do not have enough water to meet basic life needs.…

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Spray jets clean parts inside a dip tank.

Aqueous Parts Cleaning: Why Focus on Flow Over Pressure

Many companies that offer industrial parts washers suggest pressure is the most important factor in parts cleaning. The force of spray or turbulence is only one piece of what should be considered during the cleaning process. Aqueous parts washers use time, temperature, agitation and flow. All of these factors work together to clean parts effectively. …

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Closeup of an oil skimmer on Jenfab's Orca.

Can Oil Coalescing Lengthen the Life of Your Solution?

Aqueous parts washers offer a safer, better clean. That’s one reason manufacturers choose aqueous cleaning systems over washing parts with petroleum solvents. As parts are cleaned in an aqueous solution, they leave grease and oil behind. Too much oil and residue build-up in your solution will render it ineffective.  You’ve got to clean oily parts…

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Metal stampings inside a rotary drum washer.

What Is A Rotary Drum Washer?

Industrial parts washers come in many designs. Depending on your application, you may need a large machine with a conveyor or a smaller, front-loading option that takes up less floor space. Rotary drum washers work well for cleaning high-volume parts, like stampings, fasteners and ammunition casings. What makes a rotary drum different from other parts…

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Jenfab’s Custom Cleaning Solutions & Everyday Impact

Jenfab has one goal: deliver custom cleaning solutions on spec and on time. Since 1960, we’ve been developing aqueous parts washers to meet the needs of manufacturers across numerous industries. Our custom and industrial parts washers don’t only make an impact on our customers; they also make an impact on the world.  Aqueous parts washing…

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Closeup on a set of vials as a lab technician performs medical research.

How Ultrasonics Can Clean Medical Devices

When it comes to cleaning, all medical devices and instruments must be free from residuals used or created during the manufacturing process. Anything left behind could affect the device’s function later or pose long-term health risks to the person receiving the device. Medical devices, such as knee, hip or ankle implants, and other equipment, like…

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A pile of nuts in basket during manufacturing process.

Aqueous Parts Washers for Manufacturing Fasteners

Screws. Bolts. Rivets. Nearly every industry uses fasteners to hold materials together. From aerospace manufacturers to those in the automotive industry, fasteners are a component required to produce many final products.  Like other component parts, fasteners often require a washing or cleaning step to adhere to quality standards during the manufacturing process. Cold heading fasteners…

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parts washer maintenance

Extend The Life Of Your Parts Washer

When you purchase a parts washer, it’s a major investment. That’s why it makes sense to do all you can to get the most out of your system and that means preventative maintenance. Regularly servicing your system not only helps it perform better, it actually makes it last longer. Here are some tips on how…

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prevent foaming

Prevent Foaming In Your Parts Washer

Foaming in your aqueous parts washer can be frustrating. If you are having trouble with foam, it’s most likely due to one of four things:  Running the machine at a temperature lower than the soap manufacturer suggests. Washing off animal fats or natural oils, which are becoming more common with the movement towards making environmentally…

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industrial parts washers

Aqueous Parts Washers 101

What are aqueous parts washers and what do they do? In short, they are washing machines that use water-based solutions (called chemistry in the industry) to clean metal parts from a variety of industries. They can also be used to clean parts made of other materials such as plastic or glass. But, regardless of the…

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