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Every industry uses fasteners to join components together. Process thousands of fasteners at a time or only a few when needed. We help you find solutions to your parts cleaning woes.

Our comprehensive selection of aqueous parts washers, along with our custom design capabilities, ensures you’ll walk away with effective and reliable equipment.

Fastener Cleaning Challenges

What Fastener Customers Need

Cold heading and other fabrication processes leave behind contaminants. Manufacturers need to remove lubricants and metal chips from newly made fasteners, requiring multiple washes. For remanufacturers, all fasteners need to be free of grease, oil and rust before they can be used again.

Commonly Cleaned Components

Fastener Parts Cleaning Systems

LeanClean 360

Rotary Drum Parts Washer

Vertical Agitation with Rotation

How We Touch the Lives of People

Impact of the Fastener Industry

Fasteners bring our world together—literally. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to drive our cars or relax on the couch after work.

Almost everything around us has fasteners. Airplanes, washing machines, kitchen appliances, furniture, commercial farm equipment and steel bridges rely on screws, pins and other fasteners to secure components.

Greasy bolts and oily screws can spell trouble for manufacturers and the people using their final products. Leftover contaminants could hinder a fastener’s performance, decreasing the security and stability of the product’s structure. Efficiently cleaning fasteners helps manufacturers and remanufacturers produce the objects we use daily.

The Jenfab team is proud to help fastener manufacturers impact the lives of people every day.

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