Consumer Goods

People across the globe rely on washing machines, refrigerators, kitchenware and portable propane tanks to live comfortably and care for their families. Ensure your parts perform optimally for customers who use them every day.

Jenfab designs custom aqueous parts washers to remove contaminants and clean your components. By assisting manufacturers with parts cleaning, we help people enjoy the things that make life more convenient.

Consumer Goods Cleaning Challenges

What Consumer Goods Manufacturers Need

Manufacturers must clean part surfaces before product assembly and shipping. Clean components function as intended, whereas components covered in coolant, milling oil and other contaminants won’t operate properly. Soils could damage parts or diminish their performance over time. Aqueous cleaning removes solid particles and residues, extending the life of the final product.

Commonly Cleaned Components

Consumer Goods Parts Cleaning Systems

Conveyor Belt Washer

Monorail Parts Washer

How We Touch the Lives of People

Impact of the Consumer Goods Industry

What would we do without home appliances, plumbing fixtures and recreational equipment? Millions of large home appliances and water heaters are sold and shipped annually. Individuals, families and businesses count on these products, and there’s high demand for new parts as older models and components wear out.

Every product we come into contact with contains several components. All of these parts must be cleaned and tested during manufacturing. Cleaning helps prepare parts for machining and finishing and guarantees that the parts will operate correctly once assembled. Our team at Jenfab works with manufacturers to clean the parts that make our lives better every day.

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