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Vertical Agitation Washers

Vertical agitation (VA) parts washers provide high-volume, precision cleaning using continuous flow and a basket system. Parts are dipped into one or more tanks filled with cleaning solution and then agitated. Disturbing the parts and solution removes oils, chips, buffing and lapping compounds, and grinding swarth effectively.

Cleaning aircraft and automotive engine components, screw machine parts, automotive parts and medical devices are ideal applications for vertical agitation parts washers. Add ultrasonics, rotation or a hoist system to meet your application.

Jenfab meets customer needs rather than offering a “one size fits all” system. Vertical agitation parts washers are completely customized to your application and cleaning needs. We can add the following features and more to your machine.

Add Basket Rotation for Complex Parts

Vertical Agitation with Rotation (VAR)

Vertical agitation with basket rotation produces the best possible action for cleaning cup-shaped parts, blind holes and machined parts with complex geometries.

As baskets rotate, the vertical agitator plunges the parts into solution to wash. This action fills blind holes and passages in complex-shaped parts, such as hydraulic valve bodies and screw machine parts.

Chips and oils are continuously flushed away as the parts are filled with solution, emptied and refilled. Baskets are raised and rotated to drain solution before being transferred to the next tank. With multiple rinse tanks, this aqueous parts washer operates with near-zero discharge.

System Features

Add Ultrasonics for Precision Cleaning

Vertical Agitation with Ultrasonics

Vertical agitation ultrasonic parts washers combine aqueous cleaning technology with ultrasonics for precision cleaning requirements. These are ideal systems for cleaning aircraft engine components, brake components and precision bearings.

System Features

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Vertical Agitation Parts Washers

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