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What to Know About Becoming an Electrical Engineer

Is engineering the right career for you? Engineers are creative problem-solvers who make an impact on the world. In the parts cleaning industry, electrical engineers design systems and panels that distribute electricity throughout custom parts washers

Aqueous parts washers clean components for the next manufacturing stage or the consumer. Electrical engineers help make clean parts happen. Becoming an electrical engineer in this industry lets you work on a variety of machines for aerospace, automotive, ammunition, oil and gas, and medical companies.

What Is Electrical Engineering? 

Electrical engineers design, research and test electrical equipment, which powers the buildings, machines and electronics around us. These individuals use analytical skills, mathematical modeling and imagination to circulate electricity in products or machines. 

At Jenfab Cleaning Solutions, our electrical engineers design custom control panels for parts washing machines. Most custom parts washers include a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a touch screen human-machine interface (HMI). Our electrical engineers use AutoCAD, a computer-aided design software, to develop electrical control circuits for our custom products. 

Jenfab's custom parts washers feature automation. An employee uses a Human Machine Interface system to test out a machine.
A Jenfab employee tests out an HMI (human-machine interface) on a custom parts washer.

Electrical Engineering Job Responsibilities  

Electrical engineers focus on energy. They consider the customer’s needs while designing circuit layouts that distribute electricity correctly and at the right voltage.

As an electrical engineer, you will: 

  • Create circuit and wiring designs according to provided specifications
  • Test electrical designs for potential errors
  • Receive feedback on designs and make revisions if necessary
  • Optimize control panels for customers

Electrical engineers collaborate with mechanical engineers to design a product that works for the customer. At Jenfab, our engineering team uses their electrical expertise to help with the design process and the automated control of the machines.

“I get to be a really big part of the design process. I also get to work with the machines, which is a lot of fun,” says Kyrie, one of our entry-level electrical engineers.

Other responsibilities of an electrical engineer include:

  • Reading blueprints and technical drawings
  • Researching new technology and innovations 
  • Estimating materials, time and prices for electrical component wiring and installation  
  • Overseeing the installation of electrical components and systems 
  • Communicating with clients, engineers and fabricators 

Inside a Jenfab parts washer’s electrical control panel.

What Are the Qualifications to Become an Electrical Engineer?

You can’t see electrons or voltage. Electricity is invisible. Designing a functioning electric panel takes mathematical skills and the ability to visualize the abstract. Electrical engineers use computer-based modeling, so a level of comfort with computer software is a big plus to anyone starting in this career field.

Great electrical engineers are: 

  • Good at math 
  • Interested in physics 
  • Creative and curious
  • Problem-solvers
  • Detailed and focused
  • Great communicators
  • Team players
  • Timely

Many electrical engineers have a bachelor’s degree. Most engineering jobs require a degree, but not all require four years of formal education. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you may be able to get a job based on your interests, work experience and prior training.

At Jenfab, we prefer engineering candidates to have a bachelor’s degree and prior work experience. However, these are not requirements for a position. If you think you’d be a good fit for our team, we’re open to reviewing your application and learning more about you. 

Why Choose This Career? Benefits of Electrical Engineering Jobs

Electrical engineers have a challenging and engaging job. Beyond the day-to-day, individuals in this career field can increase their earning potential over time and make a difference for their customers and communities. 

Exciting Work Each Day

An engineering career keeps you on your toes. It lets your curiosity and imagination take the lead. No project is alike, and technology continues to advance. There’s always more to learn. You’ll test your brain every day to figure out the best way to design control panels and circuits.

Earning Potential 

Electrical engineers can up their earning potential as they grow in the field. While your experience, specialty and geographic area affect your earnings, all engineers have the opportunity to develop new skills and earn more over time. 

Continuing to learn helps you create better designs, opening the door for career advancement. As you gain experience, you will help with more complex projects and possibly enter team leadership roles.

Make an Impact 

Most engineers report high job satisfaction. They enjoy the technical challenge and ability to see the fruits of their labor in a finished product. Most importantly, engineers relish the opportunity to make a difference. 

Electrical engineers play a big part in producing products that benefit society. What good is a perfectly designed product if it can’t run on electricity? As an electrical engineer, your work makes an impact every day. You’ll help businesses and communities across the globe. 

Start Your Career at Jenfab

You will grow at Jenfab. Start your career here with an entry-level engineering job, or bring your experience to our creative, action-oriented team. We don’t compete with each other. We work together as One Team to move projects forward and help everyone succeed. 

Every individual is a vital part of our company. We want you to bring your unique perspective to the table.

Professional Development: Never Stop Learning  

Are you curious and ready to learn? We train employees on the job. You can pick up new skills as you work alongside other team members. We offer opportunities for professional growth and support your efforts to keep learning. You will accomplish your career goals while driving the company forward with new ideas.

Career Advancement: Get Where You Want to Go

We map out every role in the company. Our employees know the expectations and requirements for each position. We help you understand how to advance at Jenfab as you gain expertise and work toward your goals. Jenfab is a place where you can build your career, whether you need to strengthen your foundation or you’re ready to climb higher.

Employee Benefits: Taking Care of You Like Family

Your health is important and so is time spent with the ones you love. We invest in benefits that help you care for yourself and your family. Jenfab employees can enroll in company-sponsored health, dental and vision insurance. We pay 80% of each employee’s health insurance premium. Vacation time, paid holidays and a 401(k) retirement plan are included in our benefits package. 

We have your back—from the team environment on the shop floor to supporting your plans for the future. 

Are you looking for an electrical engineering job or internship? Do you want to explore the parts cleaning industry? Come grow with our team.

Reach out to Jenfab Cleaning Solutions in Springfield, MO. We’re always looking for potential candidates to join us. 

Fill out our quick pre-application form or email our HR Department at

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