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Aqueous Parts Washers For Aerospace Manufacturers

Aerospace part manufacturers have long been held to strict manufacturing and cleanliness standards. That means the equipment they use to produce their products must be first-class.  Although there are many parts washing system manufacturers, precision cleaning parts washing systems are what’s needed to achieve your cleanliness goals. Here are some things to consider when selecting a parts washing system for your business.

Precision Cleaning

As the aerospace industry continues to grow, manufactured parts are becoming more complex and composed of many different materials. This means any parts washing system used must be capable of meeting strict cleanliness standards down to the milligram and millipore level and possibly beyond that. Be sure the manufacturer or brand you choose can effectively demonstrate that they are able to meet these standards.

Compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental Regulations

In addition to strict cleanliness specifications, there are also strict compliance laws in place to protect health, safety, and the environment. While meeting cleanliness specifications is key, parts washers must also meet these regulations. Aqueous systems are the preferred choice for these very reasons.

In contrast, petroleum solvent cleaning systems can be toxic to the operator and disposal of its waste is an environmental hazard. This means that costly extra precautions need to be implemented to ensure health, safety, and environmental regulations are met. Aqueous parts washers are just as good and do not come with these complications.         

Choosing the Right Cleaning System

The type of system you select will depend heavily on the part you want to wash. Some parts are fairly simple and have even exposed surface areas. Others have a complex shape with many holes or angles, both inside and out, that make cleaning more challenging. The type of system you purchase will be determined by what processes must be used to meet your specifications.

There are several different types of aqueous cleaning processes to choose from including high-pressure spray, immersion, agitation, and ultrasonics. Sometimes one process is all you need. Other times, you may need a combination of techniques. You can determine which is best for your business with the help of your sales representative.

To assist in this process, many sales reps will have you complete a request for information (RFI) form that asks many different questions about your cleaning objectives and requirements for the system. Although these forms can sometimes be detailed, they are critical in determining how you want your parts washer built. This is especially important if you have any customizations or add ons. Missing or incomplete information could result in a system being manufactured that does not perform the way you require it to.

Choosing the Right Chemistry

In the parts washing industry, the soap, better known as chemistry, is just as important as choosing a parts washing system. There are many different chemistries that can do many different things. Determining which is best for you will depend on your cleaning objectives, the material your part is made from and the type of soil or residue you are seeking to remove.

If you’re not sure which chemistry is best, your sales representative can make some recommendations. You can then test it in the manufacturer’s test lab to confirm that it meets specs. 

Test Lab

Many parts washer manufacturers have test labs that can simulate a wash cycle using your chosen chemistry to prove that their systems can achieve your cleanliness specifications.

This is something you should absolutely insist on and take advantage of before issuing a purchase order. Don’t deal with a manufacturer that can’t demonstrate their capabilities and provide proof that they can deliver what they promise.

At Jenfab, we have an in-house, state-of-the-art test lab to ensure our systems can meet your individual parts washing requirements. Be sure the manufacturers you contact offer the same.

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions

Since 1960, Jenfab has developed innovative technology for aqueous cleaning solutions. With a versatile product selection, Jenfab offers the precision cleaning solutions you need to meet your cleanliness specifications.

Wondering how these systems work? See for yourself by visiting our Vimeo channel.

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