Test Wash Your Parts Before You Buy

When deciding on the best parts washing system to suit your needs, it’s important to be sure the manufacturer can perform a test wash of the parts you need cleaned and then be able to analyze the results. This process will ensure the parts washer you have chosen can meet your cleanliness specifications before you pay for it. 

Defining Your Cleanliness Standard

How clean is clean? The first step in selecting a precision cleaning system is to have a specific definition of what constitutes clean. For some industries, it’s simply a matter of removing oils, dirt or debris. For others, such as those in the aerospace or pharmaceutical industries, cleaning standards can go down to the microscopic level. Regardless, you will need to set a cleanliness standard before you select a parts washer to purchase. 

In-House Testing

Once you have determined your cleanliness standard, you need to verify that the system you have chosen can meet that standard. This can be done by test washing a sample of the parts to be cleaned. For those with strict cleaning requirements, a professional lab analysis will need to be performed and a report provided to the customer that proves the system can meet specs. 

Most precision cleaning parts washing manufacturers have an in-house lab that can provide this service to you free of charge. Jenfab has its own in-house test lab for this very reason. Our state-of-the-art equipment can provide analysis down to the micron level in order to accommodate those with strict cleaning requirements. These are the same characteristics you should look for when choosing a parts washing manufacturer to do business with.

With in-house testing, you can rest assured that the manufacturer can deliver the performance and quality of cleaning you require. Be sure to insist on it before you purchase a parts washing system. 

Jenfab | Aqueous Cleaning Systems

Jenfab’s comprehensive product line ranges from small-footprint cellular washers to large, fully automated vertical agitation, rotation or spray-immersion washers and conveyor parts washers. Jenfab also offers a full line of cabinet washers to meet any need. All Jenfab systems can be equipped with a wide variety of options, such as chip collection baskets, chip removal, oil skimming or oil coalescing, and high volume filtration. The result is 100% clean and dry parts, with higher throughput than competing systems. 

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