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How Do I Know When It’s Time To Renew My Parts Washer?

Renew My Parts Washer – If your company manufactures or needs to clean odd shaped or intricate parts, you’ll need a quality parts washer that thoroughly utilizes aqueous cleaning while providing a safe work environment. Keeping your parts washer in good condition will save you time and money. This article will cover information explaining when it is necessary to renew your parts washer.

Worn Or Damaged Aqueous Washer Components

Don’t wait for components with your parts washer to break. When you notice certain materials or functions are worn or damaged get them repaired, upgraded, or changed out, depending on what will benefit you and your parts washer the most. Aqueous cleaning systems are a good alternative to other parts washers especially because the solution is non toxic which aids in worker safety. However, if the parts washer is not maintained properly and worn and damaged components are not dealt with, then it can be risky to operate.

Repairing and Repainting Fabricated Components

Parts washing machines are placed in tough manufacturing environments. The washer experiences dirt, dust, oils, almost daily and overtime forms a large amount of grime build-up. There is no way to avoid the environment but cleaning and repainting fabricated components can make your washer looking like you just got it. Also, repairing certain fabricated components will arise with time and it is important to get them repaired properly because it can be dangerous if the parts washer is not functioning correctly.

Changing And Upgrading Functions For Part Washers

It is important that every component of your parts washer is working properly. You should upgrade if you feel like the functions of your washer isn’t cleaning as thoroughly or as quickly as it should. This could be a sign that the equipment is old and needs to be upgraded to efficiently work at full capacity and make sure you are getting the best quality cleaning like a new machine. Upgrading your aqueous parts washer will save you money in the long run from having to purchase a new one overtime. With a little maintenance the washers will last longer and upgrading certain functions can make the machine running like new.

Waste Management For Aqueous Washer

According to Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Waste Management & Remediation Division, although most aqueous cleaners are not ignitable and are non-toxic when new, they can become a hazardous waste after use because they can contain toxic metals from the parts and equipment cleaned in the parts washer. It is important that the parts to be washed have a positive specific flashpoint, corrosivity, reactivity, and/or Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) results, as pertinent, to show they are non-hazardous. If any of these tests are not accurate, then it is probably time to recondition or repair your parts washer.

Jenfab | Aqueous Cleaning Systems 

Jenfab performs machine reconditioning on used equipment. This can be an effective cost-savings measure for companies to redeploy equipment to different operations, facilities, and countries, or simply “renew” your parts washer to “like new” condition.

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