Are you looking for a parts washer, but aren’t sure what model best fits your needs?

No problem.  Just take a look at our quick reference guide below and choose the system that best matches your requirements.

Things to consider when choosing a parts washer:

How big or small is the part you need to clean?

How many parts per hour or minute do you need to process?

What are your cleanliness specifications and how do you test for cleanliness?

What is the next step in your process after the parts are clean?

How are you currently cleaning parts?


Flow of Cleaning Solution is the Same For All Products

Heated cleaning solution is stored in the  tank AKA sump where it is heated.  The pump sends the solution through the optional filter, into the spray manifold where it is sprayed on to the parts. It then travels through a debris screen or chip basket back into the solution tank.


Cabinet washers work similarly to an industrial dishwasher. Parts are loaded on a rotating turntable and then sprayed with heated solution from the top, bottom, and sides through v-jet nozzles.  Unlike a dishwasher, cabinet washers reheat, filter and reuse the cleaning solution.

Jenfab offers five different types of cabinet washers to ensure you get the right machine for your application.

Front Load Parts Washers

  • The PCS Series is the most versatile type of front-loading cabinet washer.
  • Perfect for service repair facilities, heavy equipment washing, truck repair, manufacturing, industrial and commercial applications.
  • Features a roll out turn table or V-Notch door for easy loading/unloading.
  • Can be configured with washing, rinsing and drying capabilities.
  • Additional options available.

Top Load Parts Washers

  • Excellent replacement for manual parts cleaning
  • Ideal for cellular or space constrained environments.
  • Parts are loaded from the top onto a turntable that rotates under a spray wash.
  • Wash, rinse and dry cycles available.
  • Perfect for industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications.
  • Additional options available.

Heavy Duty Series (HDS)

  • Designed for the most severe cleaning applications.
  • Perfect for industrial and heavy manufacturing, remanufacturing, railway, oil, gas and mining.
  • The choice of heavy equipment dealers such as Caterpillar for its rugged construction.
  • Features 7-gauge steel construction and cleaning pressures up to 200 PSI.
  • Can be configured with washing, rinsing and drying capabilities
  • Additional options available.
Vertical Door Washers

Vertical Lift Door

  • Unique, space saving door design is ideal for small or space constrained environments.
  • Available with a single or double vertical lifting doors for placement in line with other industrial processes.
  • Can be positioned next to a wall with an opening to keep dirty and clean parts separate.
  • Can be configured with washing, rinsing and drying capabilities
  • Additional options available.



Modular Conveyorized Cleaning System (MCCS)

  • Highly versatile jet spray washer for large volume parts washing.
  • Choose from up to six stages—washing, rinsing, drying, passivating, applying iron phosphate and/or rust preventative.
  • Modular or one-piece designs available.
  • Perfect for general manufacturing, aerospace, new automotive manufacturing and automotive remanufacturing.
  • Additional options available.


Dip Agitation Washers

Dip Agitation Washers (DAT)

  • For cleaning of small to medium parts.
  • Perfect for nestled parts in baskets or parts with complex shapes.
  • Parts are immersed in cleaning solution and agitated to clean.
  • Works well in small spaces.
  • Wash, rinse and dry modules are available.
  • Additional options available.


immersion cleaning systems

Incline Cleaning Systems (ICS)

  • For cleaning high volumes of small parts.
  • Compact size works well in small spaces.
  • Takes up to half the space of inline type immersion systems.
  • Wash, rinse and dry cycles available.
  • Additional options available.