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How Infrastructure Spending Benefits Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

In November 2021, the president signed the biggest infrastructure spending bill in decades. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, provides an estimated $1.2 trillion for roads, bridges, public transit, internet access, drinking water, clean energy and much more.

In the bill’s first year, the current Administration announced $185 billion in funding for over 6,900 projects. As agencies distribute funding, new projects will require materials and large equipment. That means more demand for companies that make those materials and heavy-duty machinery.

If you manufacture components for heavy equipment, it’s time to assess your process. Infrastructure projects will require more pavers, dump trucks, excavators and the like! As demand increases for parts to these machines, you may need to upgrade your parts cleaning system. 

The Grade: America’s Report Card

How is America’s infrastructure? The United States earned a “C-” on its Infrastructure Report Card in 2021, a grade given by the American Civil Society of Engineers every four years. Our country’s report card shows that improvements are needed. 

When we break down America’s grade by topic, we struggle in some subjects more than others. For example, American roads earned a “D,” with over 40% of the road system in poor or mediocre condition. The country’s water infrastructure earned a “C-.” Currently, about 6 billion gallons of treated water are lost each day.

These are a few examples of infrastructure in need of an update. Road construction and water infrastructure projects are only the beginning. Heavy equipment is needed now and will be needed in the future.

How Infrastructure Spending Affects Parts Cleaning 

Despite the pressures of inflation, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) reports that the long-term outlook of the construction industry is optimistic. Much of this optimism is based on infrastructure spending.

The government’s investment in infrastructure benefits companies, like Caterpillar and John Deere, that sell the heavy machinery needed to tackle big projects. Dozers and draglines help get construction jobs done. The infrastructure bill also benefits companies that produce materials, such as concrete, stone, asphalt and gravel. 

Many components make up machinery. Those components need to be cleaned after initial production or before rebuilding. Jenfab Cleaning Solutions designs custom aqueous cleaning systems, whether you need to clean diesel engine parts for CAT compactors or bolts for Bobcat skid-steer loaders.

Heavy Equipment Part Suppliers & Dealers 

Heavy equipment often needs a repair or adjustment after use. Sometimes, what’s required is to clean the equipment. Dirty components affect how equipment runs. 

If you’re a heavy equipment manufacturer, installing an automatic cleaning system helps you take care of your customers and save on labor. Having an aqueous parts washer at your facility lets you clean large parts as you make repairs. 

Cleaning internal components helps equipment operate efficiently and may be necessary to make certain repairs. 

Heavy Equipment Remanufacturers 

Heavy machinery gets dirty on the job. That’s what it’s made for. When restoring parts, remanufacturers remove the old, caked-on dirt, carbon and grime left from hours spent on construction sites. 

It’s not feasible to clean large or complex parts by hand—especially if you’re cleaning hundreds daily. Remanufacturers need custom cleaning systems that process high part volumes and knock off stubborn soils. 

Redevelopment and smaller projects often acquire used construction equipment because it can be less expensive. With future infrastructure spending, the used construction equipment market is bound to grow. The market’s compound annual growth rate is projected to grow at 1.97% through 2028.

Find the Right Heavy Equipment Parts Washer

It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning engine internals or tractor wheels. Jenfab will design and build a custom aqueous parts washer for your application. Talk with our team today to create your parts cleaning system. 

Here are some options that might work for your application: 

  • Heavy-duty parts washers. Talk about a machine made for big parts. Our team can tailor this machine series by adjusting the turntable. We offer turntables of up to 144” in diameter and can design for the capability of holding up to 50,000 lbs.
  • Monorail parts washers. Move parts quickly through the cleaning process with a monorail parts washer. Components travel through the machine via an overhead conveyor, and we can customize it to your specific application. 
  • Vertical agitation washers. Clean high volumes of engine components continuously, as parts are dipped into the cleaning solution and rinse tanks. 
  • Completely custom! Get a machine made for your application and facility. Jenfab designs and fabricates custom aqueous parts washers, so you can get what you need as a heavy equipment manufacturer.

No matter your choice, you’ll have the Jenfab team on your side for maintenance and repairs or to help upgrade your parts washer down the line. We’ll install your parts cleaning system initially, so you can rely on the experts to set everything up.

Contact us today. Be ready for demand in the construction industry, and invest in your company’s future with a new aqueous parts washer. 

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