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Refueling Our Tanks: Jenfab’s Servant Leadership Culture

We measure success by the way we impact people’s lives. 

“One Team” means working together for a shared purpose. At Jenfab Cleaning Solutions, we have each other’s backs. We foster a servant leadership culture that puts the team’s needs and our community first. 

A servant leadership style isn’t about a hierarchy or hearing from only one person at the top. Transformational servant leadership empowers everyone to lead in their own way and participate in realizing a shared vision. 

As servant leaders, we share power and enact change within the company by listening to everyone and helping others grow. We build Trust in Relationships when we lift each other up and view failure as a learning opportunity.   

The bottom line: People come first here. 

Jenfab team members fuel a black truck and wash its windshield during the refueling event.

Tank Refueling Event: Car, Body & Spirit  

Jenfab is aware that times have been hard. We’re living it alongside our employees and customers. World events in 2022 have caused inflation and gas prices to rise. Higher prices all around mean tighter budgets and added stress for those trying to care for their families. 

Rising Food & Gas Prices 

As of late September 2022, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all consumer items increased by 8.3% over the previous 12 months. Food prices have increased by 11.34% in the past year, and consumer energy costs have increased by 23.8%. 

Rising gas prices have also affected the United States. COVID-caused production stalls and the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused gas prices to skyrocket. Regular gasoline prices increased by a record-breaking 49% from January to June 2022, and diesel prices rose by 55% in the same period.

A Bias for Action & a Heart for Our Team

We prefer action over inaction. A bias for action pushes us forward faster and champions acting versus reacting. Our bias toward action is reflected in everything we do, including how we support our team. 

With prices for everyday essentials rising, Jenfab decided to take matters into its own hands. A group of servant leaders saw a need. These individuals hosted a refueling event for the whole team with a farm gas tank and pump. 

Employees drove through the line and refilled their tanks—physically and spiritually. Team members pitched in to fuel cars, wash windshields and provide homemade lunch for all who attended. 

In the first hour of the event, the gas pump stopped working. Our team banded together and worked quickly to get a new part delivered that morning. Then the fueling line was back up and running! By lunch, we fueled over 900 gallons. That’s over 900 gallons of free gas for our team’s vehicles! 

Everyday Impact

Our recent refueling event was our company’s way of saying, “You matter.” 

Our team makes a difference every day. We couldn’t build the machines we do without our employees. Together, our efforts serve our customers and the industries the world relies on.

Our custom cleaning solutions have an everyday impact. We help customers build homes. We advance travel and healthcare for communities across the globe. We aid in protecting our cities and our country. It all starts with our employees. 

Servant leaders on the Jenfab team fuel up a red SUV with gas and clean the windshield.

Growing Together: Servant Leadership Qualities 

Refueling our tanks in times of need is one example of our servant leadership. We’re fostering a culture of people who put others’ needs first. In doing so, we create a better work environment for our team with more effective processes and stronger relationships. 

We value safety, development, feedback and a One Team mindset. As we practice these values, we gain new skills that help us grow as professionals and people. 

The servant leadership qualities we strive for include:

  • Listening. We listen to comprehend, and we hear out all voices.
  • Empathy. We’re in this together. We have each other’s backs. 
  • Awareness. We pay attention to the challenges of others, and we respond with compassion. 
  • Conceptualization. We share a vision. We all understand where we are going. 
  • Stewardship. Everyone participates. We lead and help each other where we can.

Additional Team Activities 

We find ways to give back to our team and our community. Several team members helped the Salvation Army with their holiday kettle collection. We painted kettles for our local Salvation Army Corps in Springfield, MO

At the end of the summer, we had some fun on a team-building float trip. We kayaked down the James River in Missouri and hosted a potluck barbecue. This trip gave our team the chance to bond outside of the shop. 

Want to Be a Part of Our One Team? 

Do work that has a purpose. Use your technical skills. Hone your craftsmanship. Trust your team. Grow. 

When you join Jenfab, you’re joining a company with a team-first mindset. At Jenfab, you have a voice. Let us know what you need to grow. We support your ideas, treat you with respect and always have your back.

Join our team of servant leaders. We know you have something unique to bring to the table. 

We’re hiring experienced fabricators. Metal and steel fabricators are encouraged to apply! Check out our benefits and see why Jenfab is a great place to work. 

We hire veterans and those looking for a second chance. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to make a living and build a career.   

Apply to Jenfab today. If you have questions, please reach out to our HR department at

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