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Jenfab’s Custom Cleaning Solutions & Everyday Impact

Jenfab has one goal: deliver custom cleaning solutions on spec and on time. Since 1960, we’ve been developing aqueous parts washers to meet the needs of manufacturers across numerous industries. Our custom and industrial parts washers don’t only make an impact on our customers; they also make an impact on the world. 

Aqueous parts washing touches our lives in many ways. At Jenfab, we do more than develop machines to clean parts and components. We help communities across the country remain vibrant, connected and safe. Together, with other manufacturers, we shape healthcare, build homes and protect communities. 

We provide solutions for what matters most every day of the year. 

Our Everyday Impact

Discover how aqueous parts washing benefits our communities. 

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We Make Travel Possible

We help make it possible to travel across the country or globe. Our washers clean fasteners that hold vehicles, ships and airplanes together. We’ve also cleaned blades, bearings, filters and engine components for aerospace manufacturers.

With the right parts cleaning equipment, we help manufacturers meet their industry’s exacting standards and keep people connected with loved ones and business associates—no matter where they are. 

We Help Keep the U.S. Energy Independent 

Fracking operations are crucial to American energy independence and extremely cost-sensitive. Our heavy-duty parts washers eliminate the cost of rework and labor associated with cleaning components manually. We’ve developed aqueous cleaning systems to wash drill bits, pipeline pigs, rotors, stators, and more to save on operation costs. 

We Power Everyday Life

Energy storage is necessary for everyday life. Batteries power the products we depend on—from our entertainment systems to life-saving medical instruments. Our parts washers prevent short circuits by cleaning spilled acid from battery terminals. We also clean film capacitors inside and out to provide greater reliability for industrial, medical and specialized applications. 

We Protect Our Communities 

We stand on the front lines with first responders and the United States military. Our washers clean brass ammunition casings to avoid weapon jams or misfires in the field. With our automatic parts washers, we help keep our first responders and soldiers safe when using firearms. 

We Keep the World Healthy

Medical devices and instruments must meet stringent cleaning standards. We help manufacturers meet those requirements so necessary equipment can be produced and delivered to facilities across the country. 

Our machines help medical manufacturers provide doctors and patients with the equipment they need. Whether it’s cleaning glass tubes, orthopedic implants or COVID-19 diagnostic tests, we know how important it is to meet the cleaning standards of the medical industry. An exact clean can save lives.

We Advance American Mobility 

Vehicles give us freedom of mobility. Your car or truck makes traveling to work and over state lines easy. Reliable public transportation helps people gain access to employment, education and healthcare. The trucking industry powers America’s supply chain, delivering necessities across the country.

Automotive manufacturers and remanufacturers are crucial to daily life. Clean cores and component parts make for better rebuilds, cleaner emissions and more reliable engines. Jenfab’s automotive parts washers clean steer shafts, inserts, fuel rails and much more. We also clean rocker arms before they arrive at automated final assembly so that debris does not impede the assembly process.

We Help Rebuild Communities

In the wake of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, we help provide safe equipment for construction projects so communities can start again. Contractors use gutter hangers to rebuild homes after natural disasters or expand communities as cities grow. Our machines remove oil and residue from gutter hangers, so they pose less risk to contractors and workers on the site.  

We Warm Your Homes

When the weather turns cold, we help you keep your home warm. Propane tanks heat homes in the winter, and they allow for outdoor cooking in the summer. Our propane cylinder cleaning systems remove grease and oils from tanks efficiently. Your BBQ grill can thank us!

Environmental Considerations 

Explore Jenfab’s commitment to its environmental impact—one wash at a time.

We Conserve Water Every Wash

Clean water is the world’s greatest resource. Over the next two decades, the demand for clean water is projected to increase by 40%, yet access to clean water continues to diminish across the globe. 

Many manufacturing processes use water. It is necessary for cleaning, sanitizing, food processing, heating and cooling, and oil extraction. At Jenfab, we help our customers do more with less water. Our Smart H2O Management applications reduce freshwater use and recycle water during the cleaning process. 

We Eliminate Hazardous VOCs

Cleaning solvents are potentially toxic. Solvents release larger amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are toxic to dispose of and can cause health problems for people exposed to them. We eliminate the need for harmful solvents during the cleaning cycle. Aqueous cleaners are water-based solutions that contain little or no VOCs. 

We Promote Energy Efficiency 

The global population is expected to grow by one billion in the next ten years. As the population grows, the demand for energy increases. The world’s energy demand is estimated to increase by 30% in the next 20 years. Meeting this demand is becoming more and more difficult. 

Jenfab helps manufacturers identify and reduce their energy consumption. Our recirculating drying technology allows heating elements to run 40% less than industry norms—saving precious energy. We continue to look for ways to innovate our cleaning cycles and equipment. By reducing our machines’ energy consumption, we help manufacturers save on operational costs.

Making A Difference Every Day

Every wash cycle makes a difference to our customers and community. When we develop cleaning solutions and equipment, we recognize the importance of our task. What our team and our aqueous parts washers accomplish affects more than someone’s bottom line. 

We help our world keep running. We help produce necessities for our soldiers, coworkers, friends and family. We help people get to work. We help people travel the globe. We help minimize our country’s environmental footprint. 

We make an impact every day. 

Request a quote from Jenfab today. We promise to deliver on time and on spec because what matters most—your high-quality clean—is our top priority. 

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