Parts Washer Maintenance: How to Tune A Gas Burner

Closeup of a gas burner and blower on a heated parts washer.

Your ability to clean increases as the temperature increases. Many heated parts washers use industrial gas burners to reheat aqueous cleaning solution.  Gas burners require tuning to burn efficiently. Companies should tune gas burners periodically, adding it to your regular parts washer maintenance. Is your heated parts washer struggling to maintain the correct temperature? It […]

Common Heat Sources for Aqueous Parts Washers

Closeup on water bubbling as a representation of heated aqueous cleaning solution.

Add heat to any chemical reaction. What happens? The reaction speeds up. Heating your aqueous solution accelerates cleaning, so parts are processed faster and more effectively.  Parts washers have heated tanks that maintain the cleaning solution’s temperature. Typical operating temperatures range from 130℉ to 190℉. Other cleaning factors include time and agitation. These factors, combined […]

How to Replace a Screw Plug Heater

Steam rises from the dark blue surface of heated water.

Heated parts washers boost cleaning efficiency. Heat increases chemical reaction rates, which speeds up your cleaning time and helps sanitize parts.  When your immersion heater stops operating correctly, your parts washer won’t clean as it should. Check your heater regularly to catch wear and corrosion that could be affecting its operation.   Is your screw plug […]