Evaporating wastewater reduces disposal volume and recycles precious water.

Environmental experts agree that evaporation offers the simplest and most effective approach to wastewater disposal cost reduction. Jenfab has been solving water re-use and disposal challenges since 1960.  

Our evaporators are a proven solution to most wastewater disposal problems.  Our design provides consistent operation, minimal clean-out, high efficiency and low maintenance.

Jenfab is a custom fabrication company so we can engineer a system that best meets your needs. If you prefer PLC controls with automated logic, we can do that. If you want HMI screens, we can do that. The base model is designed to give you control of your wastewater and terminate the headaches with simple interactive controls.

Jenfab meets customer needs rather than offering a “one size fits all” system. Vertical agitation parts washers are completely customized to your application and cleaning needs. We can add the following features and more to your machine.

Principles of Operation

Evaporation rate is based on tap water after reaching a boil.  Evaporation rate may vary depending on altitude, ambient temperature and humidity, solids buildup on evaporator internals, boiling point elevation, exhaust stack configuration, off spec power supply or gas pressure, characteristics of wastewater etc.

Add Ultrasonics for Precision Cleaning

Vertical Agitation with Ultrasonics

Vertical agitation ultrasonic parts washers combine aqueous cleaning technology with ultrasonics for precision cleaning requirements. These are ideal systems for cleaning aircraft engine components, brake components and precision bearings.

System Features

Benefits Of
Vertical Agitation Parts Washers

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