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avenger top load automatic parts washer

Are you tired of washing all your parts by hand? Then step up to the next level with Jenfab’s Avenger top-load automatic parts washer.

The Avenger is ideal for small shops, automotive service facilities and work cell cleaning operations that want to save time and labor without spending a lot to do it. Small and compact, the Avenger is perfect for tight spaces and requires virtually no training to operate. The lift-up lid and washbasin are constructed of durable stainless steel, so rusting will never be an issue. Jenfab’s unique gear and sprocket driven turntable also means you’ll never have to worry about replacing worn-out belts or drive chains. In addition, the Avenger comes with a built-in fluid strainer that helps extend the life of your cleaning solution, so your money doesn’t go down the drain.

For small parts like fasteners that have difficult soils to remove, there is a soaking reservoir below the turntable for use prior to washing. An optional spray brush with a dedicated pump can also be added. Users will likewise appreciate the no-mess drip tray, which keeps your shop floor safe and dry while removing parts after the wash cycle.

Best of all, the Avenger has a quick turnaround time. Order today and receive your Avenger within 10 business days.

For the superior cleaning of a cabinet washer without the cost, you can’t beat Jenfab’s Avenger top-load automatic parts washing system. 

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