Guide to Selecting an Aqueous Parts Washer

A monorail aqueous parts washer manufactured by Jenfab Cleaning Solutions.

Manufacturers and remanufacturers have unique needs. Many of which are influenced by their industry. The aqueous parts washer that best fits an application hinges on several factors, including floor space, part materials, throughput requirements and cleanliness standards. Is your aqueous parts washer no longer up to par? Do you need a new system for cleaning […]

Ultimate Guide to Rinsing in Aqueous Cleaning

Closeup of a water splash over a black background.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.  The age-old saying translates to aqueous parts washers too. Washing is the first step in the parts cleaning process, but rinsing is essential for optimal part cleanliness. Parts are exposed to detergents during the aqueous cleaning process. Cleaning compounds help break down soils, but they may leave residue behind.  Rinsing removes residual […]

How Infrastructure Spending Benefits Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

An excavator hauls gravel across a construction site.

In November 2021, the president signed the biggest infrastructure spending bill in decades. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, provides an estimated $1.2 trillion for roads, bridges, public transit, internet access, drinking water, clean energy and much more. In the bill’s first year, the current Administration announced $185 […]

Refueling Our Tanks: Jenfab’s Servant Leadership Culture

Servant leaders on the Jenfab team fuel up a red SUV with gas and clean the windshield.

We measure success by the way we impact people’s lives.  “One Team” means working together for a shared purpose. At Jenfab Cleaning Solutions, we have each other’s backs. We foster a servant leadership culture that puts the team’s needs and our community first.  A servant leadership style isn’t about a hierarchy or hearing from only […]

Stay Cool, Stay Safe: Jenfab & Heat Illness Prevention

Female engineer at a fabrication shop drinks out of a water bottle to stay hydrated on hot days.

Heat is a workplace health hazard. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 344 workers died from environmental heat exposure from 2011 to 2019. Hot weather doesn’t only pose risks for construction workers and those with outdoor occupations.  People working in indoor manufacturing facilities or warehouses are at risk when temperatures heat up. When the […]

Parts Washer Maintenance: How to Tune A Gas Burner

Closeup of a gas burner and blower on a heated parts washer.

Your ability to clean increases as the temperature increases. Many heated parts washers use industrial gas burners to reheat aqueous cleaning solution.  Gas burners require tuning to burn efficiently. Companies should tune gas burners periodically, adding it to your regular parts washer maintenance. Is your heated parts washer struggling to maintain the correct temperature? It […]

How to Replace a Screw Plug Heater

Steam rises from the dark blue surface of heated water.

Heated parts washers boost cleaning efficiency. Heat increases chemical reaction rates, which speeds up your cleaning time and helps sanitize parts.  When your immersion heater stops operating correctly, your parts washer won’t clean as it should. Check your heater regularly to catch wear and corrosion that could be affecting its operation.   Is your screw plug […]

What to Know About Becoming an Electrical Engineer

Jenfab's custom parts washers feature automation. An employee uses a Human Machine Interface system to test out a machine.

Is engineering the right career for you? Engineers are creative problem-solvers who make an impact on the world. In the parts cleaning industry, electrical engineers design systems and panels that distribute electricity throughout custom parts washers.  Aqueous parts washers clean components for the next manufacturing stage or the consumer. Electrical engineers help make clean parts […]