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How to Refurbish Your Used Parts Washer

Take your company’s used industrial parts washer to the next level! If your current parts cleaning system isn’t cutting it, you should look for signs of wear and corrosion. Routine maintenance checks and part replacements help used parts washers run efficiently. 

Older parts washers may need component updates or new features to keep cleaning well. Is your aqueous parts washer not cleaning as it should? If you’re not ready to invest in something new, upgrade your current machine!

Contact Jenfab’s experts. Our reconditioning services improve your parts washer’s cleaning ability or help you repurpose your machine for another application. Continue reading to learn about our process for reconditioning old parts washers. 

How Does Machine Reconditioning Work?

Parts cleaning machines last many years. However, any machine’s longevity is partly due to good maintenance. You must replace elements at the five-, 10- and 15-year marks. 

You’ll know it’s time to renew your aqueous parts washer when its cleaning performance changes. Your machine may have a few worn components, or you may need to outfit it with newer, better technology.

Our machine reconditioning process follows these steps:

1. Contact the Experts

The first step to refurbishing an old parts washer is to call Jenfab at 800-524-9274 or reach out online

We’ll take down your contact information and machine serial number. We’ll also note the problems you’re experiencing or the new features you’d like to add to your cleaning system. 

We can repair components, replace parts, repaint equipment and modernize your machine.

2. Introduce Us to Your Parts Washer

Send your parts washer to our facility in Springfield, MO, or have us come to you! Our service technicians travel to perform maintenance and repair machines. Together, we’ll map out the best way to refurbish your parts washer based on your needs.

3. Make a Game Plan

Our experienced technicians examine your parts washer to find the root of the problem. We give you our recommendations, and you choose how to move forward. 

You may need to replace damaged, corroded parts or repair fabricated components. Our in-house fabricators and welders will build new components for your machine’s specifications. 

If you’re repurposing your parts washer, we give you our plan and timeframe for outfitting your machine with new capabilities, like ultrasonics

4. Restore Your Old Parts Washer

We make your machine as good as new! Whether we’re fixing cosmetic issues or switching to modernized components, we’ll take care of your used industrial parts washer and bring it up to date.

5. Install at Your Facility 

Once the machine is ready and on its way back to you, we’ll schedule an appointment to install it at your facility. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Machine Reconditioning Services

The most common reason for refurbishing a parts washer is its function. How well is it cleaning? Used industrial parts washers may have damage, or they may need the latest version of a component to clean at an optimal level. 

You may want to update the appearance of your machine if your parts washer looks worse for wear. Dirt, dust and oil can make machines look old and worn. Our team will update and repaint your machine to better represent your facility and company.

Our machine reconditioning services include: 

  • Adding new features to your parts cleaning system
  • Replacing broken or worn components 
  • Installing the latest components 
  • Painting your parts cleaning machine 

When to Retool Aqueous Parts Washers

Customers often shift their business or wish to maximize their current resources. That may include a new vision for their parts cleaning machine. 

If you’d like to use your parts washer in a new way, we can help you repurpose your machine. Our team can retool your machines for other cleaning applications and install them at your facility. 

Let’s Talk About Your Machine

Reach out today to learn more about our services! We can help you start fresh with a custom parts washer or update what you have now. Refurbishing your used parts washer can save you time and money. 

Contact us to talk about your parts washer today! We’re ready to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can enhance your current system. 

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